We can barely believe that 5 whole years have gone by since we joined paws with out dear friends at Zoolatry, to think positive and support Ann’s husband, Vic Adamus, who at the time was fighting cancer. Sadly he died ~ but today we remember what a wonderful happy life Vic had, and we celebrate that,  as we send special hugs and love to Ann and the Zoolatry family.

We remember Vic with love.

MA MZ 2015

Many members of our own family have had cancer too ~ and over the years several family members and dear friends have died from cancer. Human or animal ~ it’s always devastating to watch them struggle or suffer. But it is important to remember that people DO survive. Our mom has survived primary bone cancer since 1995 ~ and is still well. There are many people in the cancer support group she is part of, who are long term survivors.  NEVER GIVE UP ~ LiveStrong.

We remember ALL of those who died with love.


Today ~ we purray for cures, for survival and we send LOVE and PURRS to all who are currently fighting. Never give up hope, stay strong, LIVESTRONG!

Sept 2011 (26)

Visit the LIVESTRONG blog site HERE

Love Milo and Alfie xx

Hi eberyone, We can’t believe it’s July already and we haven’t posted all summer. *Tuts* It’s mom’s fault entirely Mom has been very busy. We just wanted to let you know we’re all fit and well and life is lots of fun ~ it’s just that mom is lazy doesn’t blog much these days.

I’ve been snoopervising mom in her study while she works:

New Imaged (Copy)

And keeping an eye on the neighbours too:

New Imageb (Copy)

In April I enjoyed my 7th birthday and 6 weeks later my gotcha day ~ here’s my birthday stash:

New Imagea

I shared my treats with Alfie of course  (‘cos that’s what big brothers do!)

New Imagef

And … WAIT … Alfie wants to say hello *sigh*


as we were ….

And we’ve both enjoyed spending lots of time in the garden:


Snoopervising mom and dad as they garden …


And … WAIT … Alfie wants to say hello again *sigh*

New Imageh

As we were …

Anyway … I’ve got stuff to do, so I’d better go now.

New Imagee

We hope you’re all well and really enjoying summer.

LOVE and PURRS from Milo xx

With LOVE and PURRS from Alfie too.

Smoochies anyone?

Valentine Milo



Today the postman brought me a package which dad helped me unpack!

New Imagea

I read the instructions to make sure dad knew what to do  …

New Imaged

I snoopervised the construction  …

New Imagec

I tested for bounce ….

New Imagee

I enjoyed!!!!!!   New Imagei

New Imageh

New Imageg

I give my verdict: PURRfect!

Thank you Forty Paws!


New Imagef

Love Alfie xx

New Image2

It’s a cold day outside ~ so we’re relaxing in our conservatory !

Love Milo and Alfs xx

PS: Mom’s ordered me a ham-mick from Forty Paws, ‘cos Milo neber let’s me use his. I’m so excited!


Love Alfs xx


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