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Boxing Day in our House!

Milo: We are all tuckered out here today …

Alfie: Our tummys are still full of good food …

Milo: And we are exhausted wiv being on good behaviour all da time …

Alfie: We’ve had to be extra  good, especially wiv guests around …

Milo: We’ve been petted and smooched by everyone …  and played to the point of exhausture wiv our presents …

Alfie: So we thought that since it is Boxing Day

Milo: We would take it in turns to rest on da box!  … Me first, ‘cos it’s my den box!


Alfie: It’s no good doing laser eyes at me Milo … ‘cos it’s my turn now … OK?


Alfie: Snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …


Milo: Snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …


Alfie: Snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …


Milo: Yawnnnnnnnnnn … Snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …


Alfie: Snzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …


Milo: ‘Cos we assume dat’s what Boxing Day is all about!

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We’re having a great time but we’re too busy playing wiv our new toys to blog!


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 I hope Santa Paws brings you lots of presents!

(I nicked the snow globe from Harry’s bloggie ‘cos I knew he wouldn’t mind … seeing as it’s Christmas!)


If it wasn’t Christmas Eve, and I didn’t want to risk annoying Santa Paws (and not getting any presents as a consequence) I’d give Alfie a good whapping for messing wiv my tent … but since tonight’s the BIG night I’m gonna pretend I don’t mind … and save the whapping for next time …

Milo: Alfie … me being on best behaviour DOESN’T mean you can mess wiv my tent! OK?

Alfie: Snigger !!!!

Milo: Do you fink that Santa Paws will notice that little lapse in my behaviour at the end … where I chased you Alfie?

Alfie: He’ll notice you were norty alright! ….. and if I wait here I can be first to tell Santa Paws that you’ve been norty, when he comes down da chimney!


Milo: Alfie! Mom will be cross … how many times has she told you NOT TO SIT ON DA FIRE! Santa will notice you’ve been norty too!

Alfie: OK (Le sigh) when he gets here I’ll tell him we’ve both been norty …. BUT we are still nice!


Mom: Boys … I think Santa will cut you a bit of slack since it’s your very first Christmas … but you’d better both be good  for the rest of the day … just in case … OK?

Milo & Alfie: Yes Mom (Le sigh x 2)


Santa Paws the poem!

You’d better not bark
You’d better not bite,
You’d better not scratch
The sofa tonight,
Santa Paws is coming to town……..

You’d better not growl,
You’d better just purr,
You’d better not howl
Or shed lotsa fur,
Santa Paws is coming to town…..

He sees you in the kitchen,
He sees your every try
At secretively snitchin’
The very last piece of pie…

You’d better just know
The greeting he sends,
He’s saying “Ho Ho”
To all his Best Friends,
Santa Paws is coming to town!

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Mom said to tell you all a hug THANK YOU to all of you for your very kind thoughts and sympathies about the deff of her lovely grandad. She is very sad but she said your messages warmed her heart. The funeral went as well as any funeral can go. Mom said the service was beautiful and very personal to Grandad (Mom arranged it all herself) and although it was very hard to say goodbye, she knows that Grandad was ready to continue his next journey as he was over 100 years old and very tired. RIP Grandad – until we all meet again at da Bridge. We love you.

This is a picture of Mom’s little bean grandson (he is the great great grandson of Mom’s lovely grandad), giving Alfie a cuddle after the funeral; ‘cos it is Alfie’s first brush wiv deff and he was feeling sad too.


And this is a photo of Grandad in happier times when he was much younger (this was taken about 40 years ago) … Mom said we should remember that he had a long and happy life – ‘cos not many people get to be 100 years old. Grandad loved horse riding and horses, and he once had a dog called Pat, and he had many cats share his home over the years … they’ll all be at the bridge waiting for him now. He loved animals.


And also, we wanted to say how very sad and sorry we are to here that dear little Pepper is going to the Bridge. His Mom and the other kitties are feeling very sad so we want to comfort them wiv out purrs … until they can see Pepper again.


And this is me in my Christmas hat … because Mom said it’s OK for life to go on … ‘cos Grandad was very clear about dat … he didn’t want everyone to stay sad … he wanted everyone to live their lives to the full and be happy … until we all meet again.


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The game Alfie and I like to play the most is “Thundering herd of Elephants”  … which basically means we chase each other up and down the length of the hall as fast as we can – and Mom says we sound like a thundering herd of Elephants! Evidence below:

Other Noos:

Tomorrow is Mom’s beloved Grandad’s funeral … so as a sign of our respect and great love for him we will not be blogging again until Tuesday.

And, Alfie wants me to tell you that he is very excited ‘cos the very kind lady who rescued him and fostered him until Mom brought him to his forever home (here wiv us)  has now got her own bloggie. We caught up on reading it yesterday and to our delight it seems that ALL of Alfie’s little siblings have now found forever homes … it made our day … it made our week … it made our Christmas actually. We are SO happy about it.  Thank you Trudie for looking out for Alfie and giving him the VERY BEST start in life  (after he was rescued) that a kitten could have. Alfie will never ever forget you and sends you his love and purrs.

Do please go and give Trudie a really warm cat-blogging welcome like only we cats can …. you can find her here: Foster Babies

and Alfie xxxx (why can’t I have my own signature like Milo, Mom?)

Mom: I’ll see what I can do Alfie!

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