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We’re pleased to announce that the STORK, in line wiv Pink for October, delivered a noo  baby gerl blurpy to our fambly just in time for Halloween ~ so Mom has a beautiful noo grandbean! Efurrybuddy was very relieved ‘cos we was beginning to think the Stork had lost his way! The noo blurpy shares the same birthday as her great great grandmother (that s Mom’s grandmother ~ who died many years ago)


 Jessica Laura

arrived safely today at:  6.44am

She weighs: 8lb 15 and a half ounces!

She is very beautiful!

Mom can’t wait to visit and cuddle and spoil and take photos ASAP!

(So if we go AWOL from our bloggie, yoo’ll know why!)

Baby_gerl (2)


Love Milo and Alfie xx

PS: We nearly forgot our Halloween pic in all the excitement:



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Hi Efurrybuddy,

A brief announcement before my gardening post  ~ the noo blurpy has NOT arrived yet! We fink the Stork must have got lost or stopped off for some lunch enroute ~ we just hope he hasn’t eated the noo baby! Daughter-in-law-bean is desperate for the Stork to arrive ‘cos the Stork is now 4 days late! Please keep yoor paws crossed and keep purring for the Stork to arrive soon …


First of all, I wanted to tell yoo all the good noos ~ Jonesie has made me  ::drum roll::  the Vice Purresident of the noo  Society of Feline Gardeners! I am thrilled and excited to take on this impawtant role! Thank yoo so much Jonesie. We’re gonna have a reelly good time ~ garden parties and all that sort of thing!


Meanwhile, it’s been a quiet week in the garden ~ ‘cos Dad gotted the leaves up ~ and it’s been raining on and off ~ so there hasn’t been much to do. However, since Saturday is Halloween we’ve had the excitement of choosing a pumpkin to carve!  I sent my trusty assistant Milo owt to choose a pumpkin from the local pumpkin patch …..

He was a bit indecisive (yoo can’t get the staff these days) but eventually he choosed one for us to carve.  BUT when we started carving it  sumfin’  SPOOKTACULAR happened ~ see for yoorself (if yoo are brave enuff!) :


Love Alfie Marshall xx

PS:  Don’t forget to visit my mentor Jonesie  and the Casbah Kitties  to see wot they’ve all been up to in the garden today!

PPS: We may not be able to visit all our friends until Saturday ‘cos the other two grandbeans are visiting, and Mom hasta go to the hospital tomorrow for noo scans and xrays on her poorly leg to see if it’s any better.

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Birthdays …

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Today is Harry’s mom’s birthday! We love Harry and his mom, so if you have time would you pop over to Harry’s blog and wish her a happy birthday? And while yoo’re there you can get a CUTE OVERLOAD seeing the floofacious adorable noo kittens in Harry’s fambly. BE WARNED ~ they are reelly CUTE!

Also ~ Mom’s noo grandbean was due to be borned on Sunday and may arrive today, or tomorrow. Mom is very excited and can’t wait to welcome the noo blurpy to the World. Please purr for a safe arrival. We’ll tell yoo the good noos as soon as we get it.


Apparently a Stork will bring her ~ so we’re hoping the Stork leeves us some fevvers to play wiv. Apparently, they’re big birds ~ abowt the size of that vishus mean-eyed pecky Heron we saw at the garden centre ~ so we hope it doesn’t hang around once the noo blurpy has been delivered ~ ‘cos it looks BIG and scary!

stork expected!

Love Milo and Alfie xx

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Mancat Monday …

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I can’t do a fing wiv my whiskers today ~ they’ve gone all silly!

I'm having a crazy whiskers day today!

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Hi Efurrybuddy,

Yesterday a package arrived wiv my name on it ~ and after a reely good sniff I knew it was from Domino! I wasn’t disappointed!

Alfie helped me check owt the package

Inside was a beautiful card with a romantic message (NO, I’m not telling yoo wot she said ~ it’s private!) …

it is a beautiful card ...

 and  also a pack of Spotnip Colorful Springs to share wiv Alfie. Alfie is just crazy abowt the Springs and is like a kitten possessed ~ he runs abowt wiv them in his mouth and rolls around on the floor clutching them in his paws!!!  Mom tried to take a photo of him wiv them … but Alfie-whiz-kitten doesn’t stay still for a moment … so it was hopeless …


The only “half decent” photo Mom gotted of Alfie was when he waz resting in between his “mad antics wiv the Spring” ~ and there wasn’t a Spring in sight!!!!

Alfie ... in a rare still moment ...

Inside the package was sumfin even more speshull than the Springs; there were TWO Flat-Dominos in different poses! I am so excited ~ ‘cos this means I can show Dommy all around my home town and post the pics on my bloggie. Flat-Dommy is reelly beautiful!  Alfie helped me put Flat-Milo and Flat-Dommy togevver for a photo session … but the bright sunshine made taking pics a bit tricky  … so I’m gonna have a go anovver day …

Putting Flat-Dommy and Flat-Milo togevver ...

so we chillaxed on the settee togevver instead …

Chillaxin' togevver ...

Then …. a bit of a scrap broke owt over the noo Springs that Dommy sent … ‘cos Alfie and I both wanted them at the same time … and I hadta take refuge in the magazeen rack … (it waz like being in purrizzon but wiv more violence!)

Then a scrap broke owt ...

Eventually Mom seperated us wiv her crutches …  so I chillaxed by myself dreamin’ of my beautiful Tuxedo gerl …

Milo ... dreaming of Dommy

Have a pawsome Sunday efurrybody!

Love Milo xx

PS: I went to see the VET (just for a nail trim) the same day as Alfie (except I DIDN’T get the DRAMATICALS abowt it) ~ and there was good noos and bad noos.

The good noos: The nice VET said I waz purrfect ‘cos I weigh exackerley 10 lb!

The bad noos: That means Alfie Marshall weighs exackerley 4 ounces more than me! How did my pip-sqeak of a baby bruvfur get to be BIGGER than me?  He must be konsteepated ~ that’s the ONLY explanashun!!!


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