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::Special note for Kate (Fat Eric’s mom)::  Mom and Dad would love to come and see Fat Eric (and yoo all)  this week while yoo are staying at Devon Grandma’s howse. They can’t make Sunday 27th ~ but apart from that are open to suggestions. Would yoo leave a message on the answer machine if they are not in when yoo phone pleese, with a number to ring yoo back on. Smoochies.

Hi Efurrybody!

Well this is the last gardening post before Chrismouse ~ and nuffin much is happening in the garden. The ground is frozen, the plants are taking a winter rest and there’s no leaves on the deciduous trees. In fact the truth is, it’s a bit too cold to even be outside, ‘cos my paws get frozen!

So since it is Chrismouse Eve, I thought you might like to stay inside in the warm with me and be utterly, completely and absolutely astounded, while yoo are waiting for Santa Paws to come around! So here, for your entertainment and pleasure, is a really cool yule magic card trick: 

I’m betting yoo was amazed! And now for some fambly noos. Our cousin Gorjuss Ginger Gizmo (Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy for short) has got Chrismouse well and truly sussed! Mom’s son sent this photo yesterday, as evidence:

That boy sure knows how to stay toastie! And Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy also sent us a personal message:  “Don’t bother to lick the noo baby-bean’s  dummy when she visits ~ ‘cos it tastes reelly AWFUL!”

And of course he also sent us some photos of mom’s grandbean, noo baby Pumpkin ~ apparently she can smile now ~ just in time for Chrismouse! We think she’s honed the skill of smiling JUST to get extra presents ~  ‘cos it’s her ferst ever Chrismouse ~ so now she SMILES ALL THE TIME!

OK, there’s no need to show off  Baby Pumpkin, we can see yoo can smile!  :sheesh: 

Baby-beans are always such attention seekers, aren’t they?

Merry Chrismouse efurrybuddy!

Love Alfie Marshall xx

Proud Vice President of the:

PS: Don’t forget to visit my mentor Jonesie   (President of the Society of Feline Gardeners) to see wot she’s all been up to in the garden this week! There’s a Mr Linky on Jonesie’s bloggie so you visit all the other feline gardeners who’ve done a post this week.


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Hi Efurrybuddy,

Today we helped Mom wrap the Chrismouse presents ~ although she called it “hindering” ~ so we don’t feel very appresheated.

I helped mom by putting a few reelly nice Tuxie furs in the box she was abowt to pack a present in! Mom didn’t seem to appresheate this help though!

An’ I made sure it was just the right size! Mom didin’t seem to appresheate this though!

Then Alfie puts some reelly nice paw creases in the wrapping paper to make it extra speshull. Although mom didn’t seem to appresheate this either! And then I put some furs on the Sellotape and it gotted stuck to my paws in the process ~ and she definitiely didn’t appresheate that!  :sigh:

Then we decided to play Chrismouse Chase!

Which basically means running round the room as fast as yoo can chasing each other, and leaping from furniture to furniture, making sure yoo land on as many newly wrapped presents as pawsible …. and just pausing now and again to get yoor breff back! Although Mom didn’t seem to appresheate us playing this game ~ ‘cos she said we were getting in the way!  :sheesh:

 But it’s quite an exciting game, and ….

 sometimes, things get a bit out of paw … and rufty tufty … And mom doesn’t appresheate haffing to seperate us when she’s busy wrapping presents! (apparently!)

And then we hafta spend time in the hall “cooling off” on our own ~ and we don’t appresheate that much!

We hafta wait ’til Mom says we can come back in!

Then, when we are let back in the room wiv Mom, we try to be good … reelly we do …

 BUT it’s such an exciting time of year, that before we know it … we’re playing Chrismouse Chase again! And Mom doesn’t appresheate it all over again!  :sigh:

So we’re hoping that Mom and Santa cuts us some slack … ‘cos otherwise … there’s gonna be nuffin in our Chrismouse Stockings anytime soon (apparently!)

But before I go, this is a message for my beautiful gerlfriend Dommy, wiv my love ~ ‘cos I do appresheate her!

Love Milo xxx

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It’s rare in Sidmouth, but today, Jack Frost paid us a visit!  He didn’t icy up the windows, or freeze up the cars, but he did leave a sprinkling of ice on the garden!

(In English folklore, Jack Frost appears as an elfish creature who personifies crisp, cold, winter weather; a variant of Father Winter ~ also known as “Old Man Winter”).

I like rolling around on the icy ground! Mom can’t understand why!

But Dad and Milo hurry abowt to stay warm!

It’s funny how we are all different isn’t it?

Love Alfie xx

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Hi Efurrybuddy,

Alfie and I are delighted to be taking part in The Litterary Box! If yoo haven’t heard abowt it yet, it’s abowt cats all over the Werld getting to read a book wiv their beans. But not just any old book …. a pawsome book espeshully written for us cats! 

The book was sent to us by Cory, Ellie, Ginger, Bennette, Jonesie, Nigel, Celia and Maddison (from Portland) and the idea is, that after Mom has read it to us, we will post it on to the next floofy readers! So the book is travelling around the Werld being read by lots of different cats. So far it’s been to:

  1. New Brunswick, Canada   http://nofuratu.blogspot.com
  2. Parkland, Florida, USA   http://daisythecurlycatblogspot.com
  3. Newport, Kentucky,USA  http://purrsnsnorts.blogspot.com
  4. Michigan, USA   http://island-cats.com
  5. Portland, Or, USA  http://corycattalks.blogspot.com/
  6. Sidmouth, Devon, UK  (us)

and we are going to send it to the The Poupounette in France ~ so Tama-Chan’s gorjuss tiny kittens can enjoy it too! Tana Chan will then forward it on to another lucky recipient.

Anyway, we highly recommend the book ~ not only is it really fun, but the kitty in it is a TUXEDO (just like me!) ~ and he haz all sorts of exciting adventures and does all sorts of interesting stuff.

Alfie particularly liked the story “The Good Day” because the kitty does all sorts of norty things. Alfie could reelly relate to this bit (‘cos he’s done all sorts of norty stuff in his time too and is even a proud charter member of the Norty Kitty Club!)

AND, because the book has travelled to lotsa kitty homes, it haz the most DELISHUS smells on it! So while yoor Mom (or Dad) is  reading to yoo, yoo can sniff them ….


So THANKS for letting us take part ~ we reelly enjoyed the book! We had a reelly FUN time! And Mom enjoyed reading to us and Dad tooked the photos. So all in all we had quality fambly time togevver! And we guess that’s wot reading wiv your parent-beans is all abowt!

Love Milo xx

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