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Hi Efurrybuddy,

As yoo know, Alfie and I were proud to host a BARE PAW FIGHTING event as part of the wonderfully exciting  CAT-O-LYMPICS organized by  Fin at HouseCat Confidential

We want to thank efurrybuddy who entered Bare Paw Fighting. The standard was fantastic.  These are the pawsome photos (and LINKS  to blogs  and videos) from entrants:

Lola versus Barney:

Lil Miss Paddy and The Flying Dushi:

Owen, of Cat of Nine Tails:

Haddie and Kip:

Kip, Haddie and Co ~ round 2


King and Pandora


I Have Cat


Spunky Doodle:

Ziggy and Roxy:

Jack and Persephone

Sedna and Venus

(Venus and Sedna, we tried several times to leave a comment on yoor blog, and tried to sign up, but gave up in the end as it kept saying “error”).

Coco the Parrotcat

Well, after much cogitation and deliberation, and reviewing of all the photos of the skilled contestants of the BARE PAW FIGHTING, we are proud and delighted to be able to award the medals.  We  were gonna give Gold, Silver and Bronze medals BUT we thort yoo were ALL so good that we decided to change the rules (it’s our contest so we can do wot we like!  Fin said!)  So:

The GOLD medal goes to: EACH and efurryone of yoo hoo entered!

Because yoo were ALL fantastic and ALL winners!

Love Milo and Alfie xx

PS:  If anybuddy entered Bare Paw Fighting and forgotted to leave us a link to their post ~ tell us in the comments below and we will add your photo and URL and yoo can have a medal.

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Hi Efurrybuddy,

We’ve tired ourselves owt this week wiv entering so many fun Cat-O-Lympic events ~ so this weekend we are gonna SNOOZE none stop!   But if yoo want to see sum acshun ~ there’s a video of me at the Naughty Kitty Club (NKC) today.

See yoo all on Monday for the medal ceremony, when we will be awarding medals for BARE PAW FIGHTING and also catching up on yoor posts.  But before we go … a huge thank yoo to Fin for hosting the  Cat-O-Lympics at  Fin at HouseCat  ~ it’s been pawsome!

Love Alfie Marshall xx      Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …..

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Hi Efurrybuddy, Milo repawting,

We were delighted when we discovered that The Monkeys were hosting a “fetching” event as part of the Cat-O-Lympics being held by  Fin at HouseCat Confidential  ~ because Alfie and I LOVE fetching.  Mom taught us both when we were tiny babies, and we’ve fetched stuff ever since.  Mom said we have always (even as tiny kittens) showed a natural flair for fetching. So here are our videos to “show case” our Cat-O-Lympic skills: 

Ferst of all Alfie fetching his favourite bit of rope:

And then me, fetching my favourite mousie:

We still fetch all the time now as well.  We’ve never forgotten how to do it!

Love Milo Marshall xx

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Hi Efurryone,

Today my gardening post is also my entry for the Cat-O-Lympics being held by  Fin at HouseCat Confidential  .  The contest I am entering today is STRONG CAT specifically hosted by the Naught Kitty Club  (NKC).  Amy said:

all you need to do is post on your blog about something you pushed off something else – the heaviest thing you can find! And if there are pictures, well so much the better!

Well since gardening requires strength (as well as knowledge and plant expertise) and I’m always having to push heavy stuff around,  so it wasn’t hard to find a picture of me being a very STRONG CAT!   I’ve got muscles as BIG as plant pots ~ no really, I have!  I’m TUFF and STRONG!  

Just take a look at me …. I pushed the garden roller off the lawn and down the slope!  (Wiv a bit of help from Dad’s photoshop skills).  And garden rollers are VERY heavy!  Now if that isn’t being a STRONG CAT, I don’t know wot is!

Don’t forget to pop over and visit my mentor  Jonesie   to find owt wot she’s been doing in the garden this week ~ rumour has it that she is entering some Cat-O-Lympic sports!

Love Alfie Marshall xx  (Proud Vice President of the Society of Feline Gardeners)

PS: Cum back tomorrow to see us compete in The Monkeys FETCHING Cat-O-Lympic event!

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