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Do y’know, if I tip my tent on it’s side, I can lie down in it AND still play wiv my fevver at the same time!

 Which makes for a really RELAXING Sunday!

Have a nice day efurrybuddy!   Love Milo xx

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It’s rare in Sidmouth, but today, Jack Frost paid us a visit!  He didn’t icy up the windows, or freeze up the cars, but he did leave a sprinkling of ice on the garden!

(In English folklore, Jack Frost appears as an elfish creature who personifies crisp, cold, winter weather; a variant of Father Winter ~ also known as “Old Man Winter”).

I like rolling around on the icy ground! Mom can’t understand why!

But Dad and Milo hurry abowt to stay warm!

It’s funny how we are all different isn’t it?

Love Alfie xx

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pink-awareness banner

Yesterday when we visited our friends at Paw Relations ~ they were passing on an award they got gived, to all their friends ~ so we helped ourselves!  Thank yoo Thomas O”Toole, Charlie O’Marley and Lola Fannola and not forgetting the woofie Shen. We love it!  We’re glad yoo’re our friends too ~ and fanks for going PINK!

If your’re reading this please feel free to share the award by grabbing it for your own bloggie ~ ‘cos we love yoo all!

paw relations gived us this award!

Meanwhile we’ve been praktissing our flat-cat poses so Mom can take the pictures, and then Dad can make our flat-cats! Mom said I’m good at posing.

flat cat pose Alfie

But Mom said Milo’s wasn’t CLOSE-UP enuff so he’s gotta have anovver one taken! She said he’s a bit “wilful” when it cums to the camera-box-thingy! He doesn’t always cooperate ~ he hasta be in the mood ~ and yesterday he WASN’T!

flat cat pose Milo

Love Alfie xx

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