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Hi Everybuddy! Milo here!

Today the man in blue shorts delivered a BIG package addressed to me ~ I checked it out straight away

(hovva the mousie over the pics for secret messages):

Alfie helped check it out too:

Then mom helped open the box …

They were from my beautiful girlfriend Domino!

Mom said that even though it’s not my 4th birthday until the 24th April (next week) it was OK for me to have them now!

There was a really COOL speed circuit …

and a really snuggly Tuxedo heat-pad with a snuggle-safe cushion!

So when I’m missing Dommy I can snuggle up to it!

I allowed Alfie to share the box while dad and I assembled my noo speed circuit!

I got distracted for a moment by some plastic packaging …

So Alfie took advantage and got his paw into the speed circuit!

Then it was my turn …

The little ball is darn tricky to catch!

Alfie was a tad envious!

So I let him share as much as I could …

We have played with the speed circuit non-stop since it arrived this morning … and mom is gonna let me try my Tuxedo heat-pad out later today!

So THANK YOU Dommy for the best birthday presents in the world AND for being my beautiful girlfriend!

I you!

♫  I’m hoping that you ALL will all come to my 4th party next week 


TUESDAY 24th April, here on my blog!

Love Milo Marshall (age very nearly 4) xx

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ManCat Monday wiv my Mom


to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes ~ they made my weekend!

Mom-Jan xx

And love from Alfie xx

On a sad note we heard today that Sarge Charlie had gone to Heaven. We only knew him in passing but what a fine man he was, whilst here on earth.  Heaven is very lucky to have him. We are sending love to ALL his family and friends and especially his wife Bee who will miss him tons.  xx

graphic by ML of CB

Also … many of our furry friends are poorly at the moment ~ please PURR for them all.  We keep our candle lit (column on right hand side) so they all know we care about them and love them. xx

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ManCat Monday

Happy Monday efurrybuddy!

Love Milo xx

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G’Morning efurryone!

We had a lovely relaxing weekend once we knew dad’s eyes were stabilised  ….

we watched a bit of bird TV…

(Earthflight:  http://www.ovguide.com/tv/earthflight.htm)

Did a spot of window whiffing …

Enjoyed some water sport ….

Milo played “LET ME IN” elebenty billion times (he’s PURRfected the indignant look if he’s kept waiting) …

We even found time to bask  in the warmth of a few sunbeams playing  UnderCover Mousie …

Milo particularly enjoyed the UM box!

Life is good kitties and pups … hold those tails high!

Love Milo and Alfie xx

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ManCat Monday

Mom reminded me that it’s   Valentine’s Day  soon …

so I thort I shud get in some praktiss …

(hovva the mousie over my mouth for my secret message)

Love Alfie xx

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