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Good Morning efurrybuddy!

We decided to do a Smörgåsbord this morning to catch up on our noos.

Alfie: First of all thank yoo for all the lovely comments about my MACRO pics on Thursday. Although mom has a big all singing and all dancing Sony SLR with loads of lenses ~ she used her new pocket digital camera for those pics. She only bought the pocket camera recently as her old one wore out and stopped working!  Her new one is a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ8 with a 12x optical zoom Leica lens. It also has a MACRO setting and can take movie-films as well. Mom said it is lightweight, easy to use and will slip into  a handbag/purse or  a pocket. All those MACRO pics were taken with it as mom wanted to try it out. Mom is VERY pleased with it!

Milo: We were given a lovely Sunshine  Award last week by our friends at KATZ and other Tales.  Thank yoo, we love it!

 Milo: We have to answer the following questions:

  1. My favourite colour:    Alfie likes green (as in the garden and his blankie) and I likes green (as in my blankie and my catnip froggy that Dommy gave me).
  2. My favourite animal:  We both like flys. We love chasing ’em, catching ’em and eating ’em!
  3. My favourite number:  we both like 4 ‘cos that’s the size of our fambly (Mom, Dad, Alfie and me).
  4. My favourite drink: we both like water straight from the tap.
  5. Social media: Well we have our own blog (this one) and we sneak onto mom’s FB page sumtimes!
  6. My passion: My passion is Domino, and Alfie’s is Lola FannolaAnd Happy Blogoversary to Lola Fannola and siblings at  The Paw Relations today!
  7. Getting or giving present: Yep, we both love both!
  8. Favourite pattern: the lovely knitting pattern that Peggy uses for her lovely blankies! (if yoo haven’t got one, NAG yoor beans straight away as they are AWESOME!) Go HERE to get yoorself one! 
  9. My favourite day of the week: Any day we blog and get to visit our friends!
  10. My favourite flowers: Alfie likes bluebells because they are mom’s favourite flowers ~ and I likes any that smell nice.

Milo and Alfie:  We’re supposed to pass this on, but we know many of you have received it already. So if you fancy having a go copy the award and join in BUT be sure to tell us so we can read your award post!

Alfie:  And now a pic of Milo playing wiv an itty-bitty fevver ~ seconds later he lost it down the back of that cupboard and was so upset that dad hadta dismantle the cupboard to rescue it for him!  This itty-bitty is special to Milo ‘cos he found it himself while he was in the garden and he carried it indoors in his mouth and is very possessive of it ! I’m not allowed near it!

Milo: And now a pic of Alfie enjoying the sunshine wiv his favourite GREEN nip-leaves:

Love Milo and Alfie xx

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Hai Efurrybuddy,

Today I’ve got a photographic extravaganza for yoo:

Mom took this photo yesterday at the bottom of our road (our road leads to the sea front). As yoo can see it’s VERY cold here at the moment:

And on December 1st our ChrisMouse decorations went up. I’ve been using my speshull BLOO LASERS to guard the ChrisMouse stockings from introoders:

This stocking is mine … the one saying TOP CAT:

I’m worried it might not be BIG enuff for Santa Claws to put my gifts in:

Mind yoo, Mom said if we don’t start behaving, then Santa Claws won’t come anyway ~ so we wont hafta worry abowt how BIG or small our stockings are! Yesterday we were both caught in the act of being norty! I was doing a plasma TV drape (my speciality) and Alfie was climbing on the alcove shelf ~ both are considered NORTY!

Alfie said he was just checking owt the teeny tiny gold ChrisMouse trees (a likely story!):

BUT then he was caught in the act of reaching for the plasma TV ~ so he was clearly using the shelf as a stepping stone to do a TV drape (he’s never done a TV drape before so Mom said I’m a bad influence ~ an’ he’s never climbed on the shelf before either!)

And then minutes later, I was just checking owt the ChrisMouse Tree to make sure it was OK when Mom jumped to the wrong conclusion and fort I was interferring wiv it :sigh:

Anyway … we’ve been TOLD … that we better start being GOOD or Santa won’t visit us. I fink I should get some leeway, ‘cos I’ve got a poorly paw ~ but Mom said, yoor paw can’t be that bad ‘cos it doesn’t stop yoo doing a TV drape, does it?

Ennyway, I fink Santa will know we’re NORTY but NICE!

Love Milo xx


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Hai Efurrybuddy, Milo here! 

I’m repawting abowt our week, ‘cos Alfie spent all week hiding in the closet away from our visitors ~ so he doesn’t know wot’s been going on! 

Ferst of all, we heard that recently it was Cat Appreciation Day and our mom NEGLECTED to tell us! So we challenged her ~ and she said:

There is no need for a special Cat Appreciation Day ~ ‘cos EVERY day is Cat Appreciation Day in our howse!

OK Mom, yoo gotted away wiv it ~ but only just!  And we are expecting TREATS to make up for yoor DERELICTION of duties!  Meanwhile, here is the paw of DISREPECT!


The grandbeans visited us this week, so we’ve been down at the beach making sandcastles (which is why we haven’t had time to blog or visit yoo all!) :

 Mom and Dad took the grandbeans to play at  EXMOUTH FUN PARK:

(hover the mousie over each pic to read the :secret: message) 
















Above: Our dad (grandad) is on the left, Addi in the middle, and mom’s son (Addi’s daddy) on the right)


Addi (age 7) and Izzy (age 4) thought the FUN PARK was FANTASTIC!


And Dad was So tired when he gotted home he had a snooze ~ so I kept him company:

I’ll be in trubble if Dad finds I’ve put the pic above on the blog!  BUT I don’t care!  Tee hee!


Are yoo fed up yet or do yoo want to see more photos?

More photos?  OK >>>> this way >>>>

Mom and Dad also took the grandbeans to visit the Newly rebuilt Pier at Weston Super Mare (abowt 80 miles from where we live). The original Pier burnt down in a fire and it only re-opened after the rebuild, last weekend.

It rained the day of the Pier trip ~ but it didn’t matter ‘cos once inside the Pier it was dry!


There were tons of entertainments inside the Pier (a fantastic Helter-Skelter,  Go-Carts, Dodgem cars, a Formula One simulater, a Ghost ride, a Crystal maze and lots of other fun things)~ but mom said it was VERY noisy and packed as it was half-term week!  Her advice was go mid-week and NOT in half term week!!!)

Below: Abowt to go on the GhOsT train!!!!!  (left to right: Addi &  Izzy’s mommy, our dad, Addi and Izzy’s daddy, mom’s oldest son who is Pumpkin’s daddy)


Left to right:  Mom’s oldest son with baby Pumpkin in his arms, our dad, Addi, Mom’s younger son with Izzy in front of him, Charlotte, and Rebecca in the pushchair,  Pumpkin’s mommy,  and far right Addi’s and Izzy’s mommy.

And one last pic of the Pier and the  Donkeys:

Mom said to tell yoo that the Donkeys looked in really good condition, and she noticed they had fresh drinking water and food given to them between rides ~ she always checks this sort of stuff owt and complains LOUDLY if she thinks animals are treated anything less than properly!  (She once wrote and complained about the temperature in a Guinea Pig house at a children’s farm ‘cos it was way too hot ~ and they put air conditioning in for the animals as a result of her complaint and then invited mom to go and revisit for free! She said it was a great result!)

Love Milo Marshall xx

PS:  We will be catching up on all yoor posts today and over the weekend ~ but we won’t be posting again until Monday  HaLlOwEen!  We’re going to spend the weekend re-covering from having visitors!

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Hi Efurrybuddy,

Today we want to celebrate that Winnie’s Wish is starting to come true!  We were thrilled to read on the CB, earlier in the week that Catrina from CatsCats  is adopting little Ash (he will have a noo name soon).   His noo fambly recent lost Miss Molly to the Bridge and realized that although they were heartbroken, Miss Molly would not want them to sit around feeling sad but would want them to help a homeless kitten and give that kitten the life and love that Miss Molly had so enjoyed herself.  We can’t thank Catrina enough. And wot a wonderful tribute in remembrance of beautiful Miss Molly. Purrs.

Here is dear little Ash:

Isn’t he cute? Of course he reminds us of our Alfie Marshall (who came from Cats’ Protection UK) ~ and he is also a bit of a doppelganger for Catrina’s beautiful boy Max (who went to the Bridge way too young).  And he is Winnie’s house mate and the cat who follows Miss Molly ~ so he is a very special kitten indeed.  We wish him a lucky life and know he will be very loved in his noo home.

If yoo think yoo have room in your heart and home for another cat ~ please check owt Crystal’s blog.  Chrystal is a private rescuer with a heart as big as the universe ~ and there are plenty more of Winnie’s house mates that need forever homes.  Please help make Winnie’s Wish come true.  We can’t thank Chyrstal enuff either ~ wiv owt her and her famblies continued efforts none of these kittens would have a future worth having. Purrs.


Mom is currently reading Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper (the true story of a blind abandoned kitten who became the world’s bravest cat) ~ she can’t put it down.  This is good noos because it means she sits around a lot wiv her head in the book ~ so we get extra snuggle time. She said if yoo haven’t read it already ~ get a copy!  She got her copy from the local library ~  and it’s an awesome read!

This is Homer and Gwen  (Homer is our hero!):

And Gwen reading from the book:

Mom said that reading this book will give yoo a wonderful insight into WHY adopting a “disabled” or “less adoptable” pet is such a rewarding thing to do.  Not only does adoption give these pets a chance of a wonderful forever home and a life they deserve BUT it also it enables the adopters to grow emotionally in ways they might never have imagined was possible.  Read this book and yoo’ll also understand why being disabled doesn’t mean yoo have limitations ~ it just means yoo do stuff in a DIFFERENT way ~ yoor own unique way.

Homer rocks!


We have some more noos to share today:  Mom is very excited because this weekend she is going to a MINI BLOG-PAWS!  She and Dad are going to meet up with GINGER JASPER’S mom and dad and ERIC and FLYNN’s mom and dad!!!!!!!  GJ’s beans are coming to Devon for an away break, and they arranged for our beans and Eric and Flynn’s beans to all meet up for a meal.  We are sending our FLATCATS and a camera ~ so expect photos! 

Have a great weekend efurrybuddy ~ we know we will.  See ya Monday! 

Love Milo and Alfie xx

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Hai Efurrybuddy, Milo here!  I have few bits of noos for yoo today so I decided to do a Smörgåsbord!

Izzy-grandbean started school this week!  Here she is on her very ferst day at school ever wiv a very COOL lunch bag:

 During the summer Izzy and Addi (the grandbeans ~ from Mom’s youngest son) had a FANTASTIC holiday in Corfu and made AWESOME sandcastles:

There are always lots of stray/feral cats around Corfu (Mom remembers them from when she was there) ~ it is a great pity that they don’t start a neutering programme to save possible suffering ~ as it would be better if every cat was a loved and wanted cat.  Here is a sweet little cat that Addi and Izzy made friends wiv (they usually thrive quite well as the climate is mild and tourists tend to feed them):

 This is their sandcastle CAT (their daddy helps them wiv the hard digging bits):

 And they made this one to look like a CAT sunbathing ~ we just LOVE that they gave him claws made of straw!

 Izzy LOVES making sandcastles!

 The pic below is Addi, taking a rest, afta building a MAMMOTH sandcastle!

And Mom’s other little grandbean, Baby Pumpkin (the daughter of Mom’s oldest son) can now sit up ALL BY HERSELF!!!

And Dad snagged a pic of Mom giving Alfie a good morning cuddle today (we always start each day wiv a cuddle in our howse):

THANK YOU to Amy for making us a PAWSOME noo Norty Kitty Club badge ~ we LOVE it!

And finally MOI, deciding whether to chase Alfie, pester for a second brekkie, play wiv my plague ratsie or snooze next …  decishuns… decishuns …

Anyway, however yoo spend yoor day ~ enjoy it LOTS and have a great weekend too!

Love Milo xx

PS: We are a bit behind on our commenting ‘cos mom is busy ~ but we hope to bisit efurryone over da weekend, although we won’t post again until Monday!

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