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Hi Efurry one (:whispering:)

This is top secret:  Don’t tell Alfie Marshall!

Toosday September 1st it is Alfie Marshall’s offishull FIRST birthday. We don’t know exactly when he was borned ‘cos he was borned in a field and rescued by the wonderful kind Cats’ Protection people. They thort he was borned in early September so Mom said that like HRH Queen Elizabeth 2nd ~ it would be OK if Alfs had an offishul birthday (‘cos the Queen has an offishul birthday). And if it’s good enuff for her Maj, it’s good enuff for Alfs. That’s wot we thort anyway.

HRH Her Maj:

HRH Queen Elizabeth ii

HRH His Maj:

HRH Alfie Marshall

Anyways, Mom and I thort it would be fun to throw a surprise BIRTHDAY BASH for Alfs on his speshull day ~ and the reason we’re telling you in advance is because YOU ARE ALL INVITED so don’t forget to come over here and enjoy the surprise Birthday Bash on Toosday next, OK?

Dad and I have planned anovver BIG surprise for Alfs too ~ it’s really cool ~ just yoo wait and see!

Love Milo xx

The Charity Calendar for Cats, 2010, is still recruiting …


There are some SUPER entries ~ if you haven’t seen them yet you’re in for a treat!

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