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Hi Efurrybuddy,

My little bruvfur Alfie’s favoritist toy in the whole Werld is the set of springs that my beautiful gerlfrend Dommy sent us. They were supposed to be to share but he has hogged them all for himself. He just plays and plays wiv them EVERY single day, over and over again. He LOVES them. The trubble is he keeps losing them!

So every morning when we are all awake, we hafta do a spring hunt ~ that is we all hafta search the howse top to bottom for the springs ~ so Alfie can lose them all over again (‘cos otherwise he sits looking at us all wiv big mournful eyes and mopes abowt until we feel guilty). It’s like Groundhog day! We find them under cupboards, tables, beds, in the barf-room, in the toybox, even in shoes ~ yoo name it, we find ’em there. And does Alfie help us? Noooooo! He sits guarding them until we’ve found every last one.  Then he loses them all over again.   :sigh:  But they make him so happy that we haven’t got the heart to say, NO,  find ’em yerself!  He is my baby bruvfur after all.


Do yoo have a Groundhog event each day in yoor howse?

Love Milo xx

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