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Yoo are all invited to stay for our Royal Wedding Garden Pawty!

(moms and dads too!)

Milo: Would yoo like to see our photographs?  Yes?  … OK … Ferst thing this morning Alfie and I drove off  in our “Love Bus” to fetch our beautiful gerlfriends (Domino and Lola Fannola) to accompany us to the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey:

Westminster Abbey is over 900 years old and and one of the most important churches in England. It has been the setting for many coronations and royal weddings. Explore inside it HERE! (press the EXPLORE link in the noo window that opens)

When Prince William and his new wife leave Westminster Abbey, they go by carriage in a procession past many of London’s best known landmarks. Explore the route for yourself by clicking on THIS LINK

Then later, the gerls took a pic taken of us owtside Westminster Abbey just before the start of the  Royal Wedding ceremony:

And here we are leaving  in the golden coach wiv the bride and groom after the ceremony:

Alfie: Beautiful Dommy is seated in the coach behind Milo ~ she wore a stunning hat to the wedding:

and a lovely new dress in red, white and blue. Milo took this photo of her in her lovely dress when we got back home:

Milo: And the beautiful Lola Fannola is sitting behind Alfie in the coach ~ she wore a very pretty hat to the wedding ceremony:

But she has taken her hat off to enjoy the pawty.  Alfie took this photo of the lovely Lola when we got back home. Doesn’t she look gorjuss?

Back at the Palace (on the balcony):

We hope you enjoyed our photos!

Now ….  this way for the food  >>>>>>>>

For the moms and dads:

And for us:

Let’s start wiv a decadent cocktail of champagne laced with NIP as it is perfect for special occasions and for toasting the happy bride and groom:

Or speaking of summer sipping yoo might like to sample a Pimms cocktail with an extra kick of NIP for good measure:

Then we have Filo pastry cases with PRAWNS and a classic Coronation sauce, for a quick-as-a-flash canapé:

This stunning HAM glazed with fruity marmalade and sticky honey is great for feeding a crowd of hungry cats:

Or yoo might prefer some of this delicious CORONATION CHICKEN:

And to give our  Royal Wedding garden party a patriotic feel we have UNION JACK fondant fancies, laced wiv NIP:

 The GIANT video screens are in the garden, so yoo can watch the Royal Wedding,  if you haven’t already seen it!  This way >>>>

WATCH the Royal Wedding HERE!

 We hope yoo ALL have a wonderful time!

Alfie:  Ahem …   :cough:  :cough:  Can I have yoor attention please! Milo is going to make a short speech now!


THANK YOO to Ann at Zoolatry for helping wiv the wedding pics!  And Sam and Andy’s mommy for making the gerl’s hats, and our Mom for preparing the food, and Dad for putting up the giant video screens.  And HRH the Queen for making sure we were invited!  And our beautiful gerlfriends Domino and Lola, for accompanying us and looking stunning.  And to ALL of you for coming to our pawty!

Now please raise yoor glasses to the happy couple, Wills and Kate!   CHEERS!

Love Milo and Alfie xxx


Chrystal would like to invite everyone from the CB to join her for the GRAND OPENING OF CATHOUSE #2Chrystal said: “So many of you were there for the fundraisers and auctions… come on over and see what you’ve built!!”

We will be proud to attend as we love the late Winnie so much.  Who could have thought that that tiny helpless little kitten could have left such a wonderful legacy?  RIP Winnie ~ yoo will never be forgotten.

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