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Hi Efurrybuddy,

I am SOOOOOO excited becos this is the FERST time EVER I have taken part in FASHION FRIDAY I always look forward to Daisy’s Fashion Friday posts and last week she did a wonderful post on Glamorous hair!

(I hope nobuddy minds me borrowing their photos! Mom told me off ‘cos she said I shud have asked ferst! She said I might get put in purrizon!)

Then on Monday, my friend Jeeter Harris ALSO did a FAB post on his spikey hair! 

Then on Tuesday Jeeter posted abowt Joba the kitten’s mohawk hairs!

 And ALL these FANTASTIC photos made me decide I wanted to try a MOHEEKAN! 

Dad said I cud use his hair gel (I don’t know why he uses hair gel cos he hasn’t got much hair left!!!)

 And he helped me create the MOHEEKAN style (by putting a sort of shark’s fin of FURS on top of my head, held in place wiv GEL!):

 Do yoo like it?

 I’m not sure the photos do it justice ~ so I’ll try a close up:

Is that better?

 Love Alfie Marshall xxx  (the MOHEEKAN!)

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