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Hi Efurrybuddy,  Alfie here!

I’ve got lots to tell you today so I’m having a Smörgåsbord post!  That basically meant I tell yoo lotsa stuff all in one post!

First of all our sweet friend Baby Patches has given us a lovely award:

Thank you Baby Patches, we LOVE it!

The rules for accepting the Sunshine Award are as follows:

1. Put the Sunshine Award flower logo on your blog or within your post
2. Pass the award onto 12 bloggers sum of yoor blogging friends who fill your life with Sunshine
3. Link the winners within your post
4. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve received the Sunshine Award
5. Post these instructions so they’ll know what to do!

Well truth is yoo ALL bring sunshine into our lives so really we would like to give this award to yoo all.  But some of yoo have all ready received it AND so we’re gonna pick just a few speshull folk who we think bring sunshine into the lives of homeless or abandoned cats or other animals, as well as us.  We know that’s breaking the rules, but we are cats, so we do wot we like!!!  OK?

So in no particular order we would like to pass the Sunshine Award to:

  • Forever Foster ~ because yoo warm our hearts EVERY time we read yoor blog and hear how happy the kitties are that yoo foster.  We can never thank yoo enuff for giving dear little Ronny Licious a chance to have such a happy life.  We think yoo are AWESOME.
  • The Itty Bitty Kitty Commitee ~ becos reading about wot yoo doo to help homeless kitties fills us wiv joy and sunshine.  We think yoo are really special.
  • Skeletor’s Salvation ~ because yoo have saved Skelly from a terrible painful death by rescuing him and looking out for him, and loving him.  Yoo are very kind and generous and Skelly is one lucky dog.


Mom had a lovely time visiting wiv her grandbeans and family and friends ~ and said it did her the werld of good.  Here’s some pics Mom took of her grandbeans while she was there (Addi and Izzy) ~ they’re checking owt the crocuses:

The pic of Addi (age 6) below was taken on the same day as the Cheltenham Gold Cup (horse racing) so Mom thought it was very appropriate:

And this is Izzy (age 3) enjoying the climbing frame at the park:

While Mom was away she stayed overnight wiv an old friend too (not old in age ~ old in having been mom’s friends for ever!)  and she took some photos of her friends cats.  Zeeko  below is now 18, and sadly his health is fading.  Mom has known him since he was a tiny floofy kitten of just 6 weeks old, when he came to live wiv her friend from the Cat Rescue place.  She said it was sad to see him fading ~ but that boy has had the happiest, most loved life anycat could ever have ~ and Mom said it’s impawtant to remember that.  Mom said to ignore the dust in her friend’s howse ‘cos her friend says only dull people have clean homes ~ and when it comes to choosing between entertaining friends/playing wiv kitties ~ the dusting hasta to wait!  We agree!  Zeeko didn’t appresheate having his photo tooked ~ as yoo can see by his expreshun ~ he just wudn’t say “cheese”, no way, no how!  He might be old, but he still has attitude!

Below is Bungle who is also 18 and whom Mom has also known since she was just an itty bitty kitty from the Cat Rescue place.  Bungle is Zeeko’s sisfur.  Sadly she is also fading fast.  She has a huge growth in her neck and the vet said she is too old to undergo surgery to remove it and would be unlikely to survive the operashun ~ so she may be in her last year of life.  However she is NOT in any pain at the moment and is eating and pooping and purring ~ and so Mom’s friend wants to give her quality life for as long as pawsible. She said she will know when the right day comes to take the next step and she will ensure dear little Bungle doesn’t suffer ‘cos she is very loved.   So if yoo have any spare time, we wondered if yoo could send some healing purrs to Zeeko and Bungle and to wish them a long and quality life and a safe journey to the bridge when the time comes.  Bungle has also had a loving forever home all her life ‘cos she arrived in her forever home the same day as Zeeko ~ and we should remember that if we feel sad.  She also allowed to sit on the kitchen table (see below) so she is an extremely lucky cat!  (I’m not offishully allowed to sit on the table ~ but I do it anyway!)  Zeeko and Bungle were adopted wiv 4 other kittens (all those many years ago) and now the others are all at the Bridge ~ so we’re guessing that there is gonna be a happy reunion party at the Bridge eventually.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend!  We’re just talking it easy ‘cos it’s Sunday!  Below Dad is trying to get my attention wiv a treat but I hadn’t noticed (can yoo believe it?);  I must need my eyes tested to make sure they are werking propally; I fink there must be summat wrong wiv them!  It’d be the werst day of my life if I was told I needed glasses like Dad.  I’d prolly get called “four eyes” (like dad did when he was little) ~ an’ it wud be traumatical.  And Milo wud larf at me.

And Milo is doing sum more extreme climbing again today.  He’s taken too lounging abowt on the top of doors and it drives Mom nuts!  She’s afraid he will fall off and hurty himself.  But he says he knows wot he’s doing and Mom is fussing over nuffin. Purrsonally, I just fink he’s showing off!

Love  Alfie Marshall xx

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