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Hi Efurrybuddy, Milo re-pawting!

Alfie and I are sulking ‘cos mom and dad abandoned us for a WHOLE day to visit the grandbeans and Gorjuss Ginger Gizmo (Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy for short).  AND, as if that’s not bad enuff, there is PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE that Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy had a hug from OUR Dad, AND was give a WHOLE SAUSAGE to eat at the party.  Did ennybuddy bring US a sausage back from the party?  NO!  Nuff said!!!

We didn’t mind not going to the actual party ‘cos we don’t like going in the car and the grandbeans can be noisy BUT we should have had a sausage each, sent back for us ~ it’s only fair.

Here is Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy at the party, checking to see if the sausages are ready:

And here he is eating a WHOLE sausage all to himself:

Afta he’d eaten it he BURPED and stuck his tongue owt (if we did this we’d be in trubble ‘cos it’s rude!):

The slideshow pics are of mom and dad’s 3 gorjuss grandbeans:  Addi and Izzy, and their blurpy baby cousin Pumpkin ~  and of course,  Gorjus Ginger Gizzy:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bonus extra of the blurpy:

Oh, and Blurpy Pumpkin has a message for yoo:

Hey yoo … watch my video!!!!  I can say Dadda and clap now!!!”

We hope efurrybuddy appresheates how very generous we are for allowing the pics and video on MANCAT MONDAY ~ espeshully taking into considerashun that NOBUDDY brought us enny SAUSAGES back from the party!  Not a single one! 

Milo  xx

PS:  Anybuddy feeling sorry for us should feel free to send us sausages by post!  Enny sort will do ~ we’re not fussy!

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Hi Efurrybuddy,

Well,  Mom downloaded the photos that were taken on Sunday ~ and we were able to see ALL the FUN we missed owt on, when were abandoned becos they went to visit our cousin,  Gorguss Ginger Gizmo (Gorjusss Ginger Gizzy for short) and the noo baby bean, wiv owt us.  :sigh:

We saw GGG opening a present off us:

And we saw GGG being given a treat by OUR Dad:

And we saw GGG asking for more treats:

And we’re not sure …. BUT we think we saw Dad picking GGG‘s nose! Tee hee!

And we saw GGG sitting at the table,  bored of waiting for his luncheon to be served:

 But best of all … we saw GGG being uncooperative and REFUSING to say “CHEESE”. That ginger floof of a boy WOULDN’T open his eyes for love nor money nor treats, if there was a camera abowt! Hee hee! They tried to persuade him … but the boy said, “NO!”  (Hovva the mousie over GGG‘s mouth)

And they cajoled …

And they pleaded  …

 and they begged …

But that floofy ginger boy, was having none of it!  (We’re proud of him!!! Tee hee!)

And even the noo baby pumpkin bean, didn’t say cheese, ‘cos she was feelin’ a bit grisly and in need of her dummy!

So all we can say is … it’s a good job that Santa had already been! ‘Cos otherwise there might have be some empty stockings in that howse!!

Love Milo and Alfie xx

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::Special note for Kate (Fat Eric’s mom)::  Mom and Dad would love to come and see Fat Eric (and yoo all)  this week while yoo are staying at Devon Grandma’s howse. They can’t make Sunday 27th ~ but apart from that are open to suggestions. Would yoo leave a message on the answer machine if they are not in when yoo phone pleese, with a number to ring yoo back on. Smoochies.

Hi Efurrybody!

Well this is the last gardening post before Chrismouse ~ and nuffin much is happening in the garden. The ground is frozen, the plants are taking a winter rest and there’s no leaves on the deciduous trees. In fact the truth is, it’s a bit too cold to even be outside, ‘cos my paws get frozen!

So since it is Chrismouse Eve, I thought you might like to stay inside in the warm with me and be utterly, completely and absolutely astounded, while yoo are waiting for Santa Paws to come around! So here, for your entertainment and pleasure, is a really cool yule magic card trick: 

I’m betting yoo was amazed! And now for some fambly noos. Our cousin Gorjuss Ginger Gizmo (Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy for short) has got Chrismouse well and truly sussed! Mom’s son sent this photo yesterday, as evidence:

That boy sure knows how to stay toastie! And Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy also sent us a personal message:  “Don’t bother to lick the noo baby-bean’s  dummy when she visits ~ ‘cos it tastes reelly AWFUL!”

And of course he also sent us some photos of mom’s grandbean, noo baby Pumpkin ~ apparently she can smile now ~ just in time for Chrismouse! We think she’s honed the skill of smiling JUST to get extra presents ~  ‘cos it’s her ferst ever Chrismouse ~ so now she SMILES ALL THE TIME!

OK, there’s no need to show off  Baby Pumpkin, we can see yoo can smile!  :sheesh: 

Baby-beans are always such attention seekers, aren’t they?

Merry Chrismouse efurrybuddy!

Love Alfie Marshall xx

Proud Vice President of the:

PS: Don’t forget to visit my mentor Jonesie   (President of the Society of Feline Gardeners) to see wot she’s all been up to in the garden this week! There’s a Mr Linky on Jonesie’s bloggie so you visit all the other feline gardeners who’ve done a post this week.


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First of all, one of the nicest mancats we knowed hadta go to the Bridge very suddenly as he gotted Cancer ~ and we are very sad. RIP dear little Floyd ~ we will miss yoo lots. If yoo haven’t already,  please send some purrs to his Mom and his fambly as they are heartbroken. Cancer stinks.


Yesterday Mom and Dad went to see the noo blurby born on Halloween (nicknamed: Blurpy Pumpkin) and while they were there they checked owt our cousin Gorjuss Ginger Gizmo (Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy for short), at our request ~ ‘cos we waz worried that wiv the noo blurpy around, he might be feeling left owt of things. 

However, we are pleased to report that Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy seemed to have everything well under control and we concluded that he is still Numero Uno in that howse! Well wot else would yoo expect from a gorjuss ginger mancat?

Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy is still numero uno!

OK ~ we know wot you want to see ~ don’t worry abowt us feeling left out  :sheesh:


We love it that Blurpy Pumpkin chosed to wear jarmies wiv a kitty on the front ~ it seems Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy has gotted her trained already ~ and she iz only nearly two days old!  He’s obviously a fast werker!

Love Milo and Alfie xx

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