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Well it’s the last post of the year ~ so HAPPY NEW YEAR efurrybuddy!

I decided that this would be the ideal time to remind yoo all, of how we gardeners can be eco friendly and help other wildlife in the garden, at the same time. ‘Cos if yoo haven’t got a new year resolution yet ~ yoo could make this yoors!

Ways to introduce wildlife-friendly features in yoor garden:

  • Choose plants that are more attractive to native wildlife, for example, birds are attracted to berry-bearing plants in winter.
  • Allow some of your plants to go to seed to provide winter food for seed-eating birds.
  • Look for alternatives to slug pellets and pesticides or reduce the use of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides – use organic methods of control. Remember that many insecticides kill beneficial species as well as harmful ones.
  • Avoid using herbicides by getting somebuddy else to do hand weeding!
  • Use bird-feeders (hung up high) so birds can eat safely.
  • Provide nesting boxes for birds and even bats. Nest boxes are excellent substitutes for the holes in old trees. In many gardens, there may be lots of food, but nowhere to nest.
  • Plant perennials with broad flower heads to encourage bees into your garden in summer. Avoid too many double flowers that can prevent insects from accessing the nectar.
  • Have a water feature – even a simple bowl can encourage frogs and other wildlife which will feed on bugs and snails. Dragonflies will often breed in them, and many birds may use them to drink and bathe in. If you have room for a pond, site it in a sunny position and ensure the sides are gently sloping, so birds can drink and bathe, amphibians can spawn and hedgehogs can escape if they fall in. Plus a pond is good for whapping stuff when yoo’re owt playing in the garden!
  • Keep a pile of logs in an undisturbed corner of the garden to provide shelter for insects and mammals – if you’re lucky a hedgehog or toad may find a home there and feed on all your slugs and snails.

Love Alfie Marshall xx

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