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Hai Efurrybuddy,

Fanks for coming over and celebrating my 2nd Gotcha Day wiv me! I am so lucky to have been rescued and to have had the chance of finding a loving forever home. I can’t ever thank Trudie (my foster carer) and  Cats Protection UK enuff.  

Cats Protection

Cats Protection champions neutering as the only effective way to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the UK.

So would yoo help me promote neutering all over the werld? All yoo hafta do is put this cute neutering gif on yoor blog (if yoo haven’t already got one) ~ so yoo can help spread the word. (right click, and then “save as a gif” into yoor photo file on yoor compooter).  Let’s make every cat a wanted cat. Fanks:

Yoo’ve probaby seen this slide show before ~ but mom likes to get my itty-bitty pics owt whenever she gets the chance! MOL!

The first two pics were taken in my foster home on the day my forever mom and dad chosed me. It was LVE at ferst sight for us all. The one where I am sitting on mom’s lap (and she is wearing red) was taken on the ferst day ever in my noo forever home. I was so happy that day, I thort I’d burst wiv gratitude!

One of mom’s friends recently told me that Oprah keeps a “Gratitude Journal” and she doesn’t go to sleep at night unless she writes in it, at least one thing that she is thankful for. So when Milo asked me wot I’d like from him as a gift for my Gotcha Day, I said a “Gratitude Journal”, so he gave me the one below.  And from now on,  I’m gonna write all the stuff I’m thankful for in my journal. 

Today’s entry: *I’m thankful for having a loving forever home*

Now I’m feeling a bit “nipped owt!” so while I take a rest, please help yoorself to drinks and food and nip from Milo in the kitchen ~ this way  >>>> ENJOY!

Love Alfie (age 2 and very happy to have been Gotchad for 2 years!)

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