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Hiya everyone is WELCOME!

(especially Misha the organizer, and the 2009 KFC Champ – Baby Patches, ALL the cute participants, ALL the nice voters and ALL friends and fambly!)

Get the music started first! 


Then grab a Niptini, and have fun!

niptinis (adult cats only please!)

Let's get dancing!

Do you like our cat balloons?



And THANK YOU to Misha for organizing it all! It was such great fun!

 KFC Champ 2009

We thort before we start the party, we’d show you just a few more baby pics of US so you can remember just how cute we werenow the contest is over for us both:  Hovva the mousie  of the pics – you know what to do!

This was taken the day Mom and Dad chose Alfie from the Cat Protection centre (before his GOTCHA DAY)

Despite being adorably cute, Little Alfie was given the boot from KFC by his big bruvfur (me) Milo – in a head to head! But loyally, he continued to support me in the competishun.

Alfie's GOTCHA Day - on Mom's lap!

And I got through to the semi-finals!

Milo's GOTCHA Day!

 Milo in his comfy cosy floofy bed when he was a tiny kitten (7 weeks old)!

And now – let’s  eat and PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!

Fancy a change of music?

Our favourite: HAM!


Tasty Fresh Toona & Salmon:

tasty fishy platter - yummy!

Mmmmm ... party mix!

Yay! Cosmic Catnip!

And for the youngsters (no under-age drinking here please!) (and that means you Alfie Marshall!) :


catnip bubbles for the youngsters (Alfie loves these!)

The gorjuss ginger cup-cakes are really tasty but Alfie likes the grey ones best! I can’t think why!!!

Alfies favourite kitty-cat cupcakes


AND our sweet friend Cory is also having a speshull celbrashun party for participants in the KFC – so use this device (we borrowed from the M-Cats Club) to teleport yourself over for a Niptini or two at Cory’s! OK?

TELEPORTING DEVICE – straight to Cory’s party!


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Havva da mousie over da picshure to hear what we’re saying …

Sometimes I can't decide which boogie mat to use!

And sometimes I can't decide which boogie mat to use either!

But one thing is for sure ...

Having our own boogie mats is just great!

Don’t forget to VOTE in the finals of KFC! Follow the linkie to: Misha’s bloggie !

GOOD LUCK KFC  finalists! We’ll be voting!

Fight ends 4pm Friday 8th May NZT (midnight Thursday EDT).

So our party will be: Saturday 9th May! Be there or be Square! OK?

Misha said:

Milo and Alfie and Cory are gonna hold a Loser’s Party (their name, not mine – as there are no losers in Kitty Fight Club), so keep an eye out on their blogs for the date. At the party I’ll be announcing some special Kitty Fight Club awards, as well as crowning the ultimate champ!

So keep an eye on Misha’s bloggie for updates and to find out who the ultimate champ is! And get ready to PARTY next weekend! We know we’re not losers really Misha – but we’re trying to maximise attenshun to being sorrowful about losing, to get loadsa extra treats off Mom!!! Tee hee! 

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Today, is a day for finding a nice warm spot to snuggle down together …

It's raining today!Mom ... don't disturb Alife wiv the camera when he's sleeping, or he'll go into full alert pest mode!


It’s your last chance to vote in the  semi-finals of the KFC at Misha’s bloggie today!

Me (Milo) as a cute little itty bitty kitten!

Baby Patches vs Cory, Sanjee vs Tama-Chan and Monkey vs Milo.

Good luck all of you cuties!

And remember: We’re ALL winners!

 Fight ends 4pm Friday 1st May NZT (midnight Thursday EDT).


Love Milo xx

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Alfie just loves looking out of the window. He’s not allowed outside on his own yet – he hasta wear a harness, or go under close snoopervishun in the courtyard (‘cos it has a big high wall round it). So sometimes he looks longingly out of the window. Mom said it makes her feel guilty – but she says he is so preshus she doesn’t want to take a risk wiv him.

I wanna go outside ...

I’m allowed out now I’m a bit older but only when I’m hungry and first thing in the morning when most people aren’t out and about. If I go out later in the day it’s wiv a harness too. ‘Cos Mom said I’m very preshus too. Sometimes we fink she is over-protective … but Mom said she knows best.  ::sigh::

Hmmm ... I could chase that intruder cat away if I was out there ...

I think I’ve lost my  KFC round by the way. Monkey is way ahead – I guess I’m not as cute as Mom thort I was. ::sigh::

Here’s the linkie, just in case you haven’t voted and you want to VOTE in the KFC semi finals at   Misha’s bloggie

I fink I’ll be reaching for the Niptini’s to console myself. ::sigh::

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Alfie Marshall: Hi Effuryone, today it’s pouring wiv rain and it’s cold here in our corner of England. So there only one thing to do … stay nice ‘n warm! Tee hee! (By the way, Milo is feeling much better! He wasn’t allowed more food ’til tea-time – and although he sulked BIG-TIME, he didn’t barf again.)

Making sure I stay warm!

Mom: ALFIE! By the fire NOT ON THE FIRE! OK?

Alfie: Yes Mom.  ::sigh::

PS: Milo asked me to remind you to: VOTE in the KFC semi finals at   Misha’s bloggie!


Baby Patches vs Cory, Sanjee vs Tama-Chan and Monkey vs Milo.

Good luck all of you cuties!

And remember: You’re ALL winners!

 Fight ends 4pm Friday 1st May NZT (midnight Thursday EDT).

Below: Milo as an itty bitty kitty! I thort I better remind you of how cute he was, ‘cos he need all the help he can get!

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