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Here at The Cat’s Meow we like to lend a paw to help others whenever we can …

especially when helping involves deserving kittens and cats finding loving forever homes.

So today ~ we would like to highlight a dear friend’s cause:

Most of you will already know Winnie’s heartbreaking story and will be aware that although she didn’t survive the love felt for her was so great it lives on through Winnie’s Wish ~ making her wish a reality week by week, month by month, year by year.


There are several ways you can lend a paw!

  1. You could create a blog post yourself that will remind people about Winnie’s Wish and direct them to Chrystal’s blog and the precious kittens and cats who need loving forever homes. You may borrow pics and text from Chrystal’s blog to insert in your own post ~ she doesn’t mind.
  2. You could TWEET about adoptables ~ or post on your FB page.
  3. You could make a donation ~ there is a link on the Winnie’s Wish page. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL when it comes to helping homeless and sick kittens. We know times are hard ~ so don’t be embarrassed if it’s just a single $ or £.  Homeless kittens and cats are ALWAYS grateful.
  4. OR if you have a Bridge-Angel you would like to honour, by purchasing a brick for the Winnie’s Wish Walkway, you can do that too. We purchased the FIRST EVER brick for that walkway ourselves ~ and we can assure you it made our hearts feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So if you’d like that warm fuzzy feeling ~ you know what to do!
  5. You could post unwanted kitten toys or snuggly blankies for the Winnie’s Wish room ~ or if you prefer sell them in a fundraiser and donate the proceedings.  Every little helps.
  6. OR and this is the BIGGY! You could welcome an adorable, fluffy, purry, whiskery, bundle of kitten or cat joy into your life from the Winnie’s Wish room, freeing up a space for more homeless cats to be rescued.  HOW AWESOME would that be?  Go on … admit it!  You know you want to be adopted by a kitten or a lovely older cat! You may not live near BUT don’t panic ~ TRANSPORT can be arranged!  You won’t be denied adoption by a fluffy kitten just because you live a distance away!  No sireeeee!
  7. You could consider sponsoring a homeless kitten until they find their forever home ~ perhaps making a regular small donation (are such things tax deductible?)
  8. If you are one of the angels who have already been adopted by a Winnie’s Wish kitty, you could do a special post on your blog about that kitty with a link to Winnie’s Wish.  And by the way ~ THANK YOU!  We love what you did. We bet you feel all WARM and FUZZY inside!

For more information visit: Chrystal (a private animal rescuer in south Illinois, USA) at Daily Dose of Dogs & Cats by pressing the link: GO HERE TO LEND A PAW.

Love Milo and Alfie Marshall xx

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