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Dear friends,

When we very first heard that LIVESTRONG were hosting a global awareness day for October 2nd 2010, and were encouraging everyone to show their support by wearing YELLOW that day ~ we knew we had to join in. And since we are Cat Bloggers ~ we thought the best way to do that was by going YELLOW on our blog and asking our fellow bloggers to do the same.

We had no idea that we would get so much enthusiastic support ~ and we cannot thank you all enough. We worked paw in paw with Ann at Zoolatry who very generously and kindly created the wonderful LiveStrong cat-image for us ~ and quite quickly after our first post about our intentions, we noticed the image appearing on blog after blog in the sidebars; it was awesome to see. So it goes without saying that we just knew we wanted to encourage another LiveStrong awareness day for 2011 ~ because TOGETHER WE LIVE STRONGER.

Again the support and enthusiam from you all warmed our hearts ~ so may of you said you wanted to take part again. And this was so very important because in the last 12 months, we on the CB have lost so many more really special friends to cancer.  We are not going to name individuals lest we should accidentally miss someone out ~ but you know we grieve for each and every life that was cut short this year, and in all the years that went before. Of course there are many dear friends (human and animal) who are still fighting cancer ~ and we send them all our healing PURRS.  And also there are many long term survivors (Mom has now survived 18 years since her original diagnosis, and has an excellent prognosis) ~ so cancer is not always all doom and gloom. 

Anyway … we want to thank you from our hearts for being part of LiveStrong Day 2011 and by doing so, helping to raise awareness!

And finally, last but not least, we would like to Thank Chandra (of Life from a Cat’s Perspective) for creating the beautiful 2011 slideshow which can be seen on WeLiveStrongToday blog, and Ann of Zoolatry for more wonderful LiveStrong images ~ and each and every one of you for taking part.

Useful links:

  • The LiveStrong Official site (where you can get all sorts of helpful advice and information about cancer)
  • WE LIVESTRONG TODAY (the CB’s special LiveStrong blog with your posts  and slideshows on it)
  • The  Zoolatry girls ~ Ann, Zoey and Maggy, and Vic (poppy) ~ who worked paw in paw with us to help create this special awareness day in 2010 and 2011.
  • Chandra and Samantha, Clemmy and Maverick ~ not forgetting cousin Trooper. Chandra is the creator of the wonderful LiveStrong slideshow 2010 & 2011.

We are posting this a little early for maximum coverage since some of you are ahead of us in time.

We love you all. LiveStrong,

Milo and Alfie, and mom Jan xxx

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Good Morning!


Today I just want to remind yoo that this coming Sunday is LIVESTRONG DAY 2011. 

Hovva yoor mousie over each photo for the :top secret: message  …



Make sure yoo pop over and visit my bestest friend  Jonesie and all the other feline gardeners (just scroll down on Jonesie’s blog and follow the links) if you haven’t already done so!

I hope to visit yoo all today, tomorrow or over the weekend!

Love Alfie Marshall  (age 3 and a tiny bit)
(proud VP of the Society of Feline Gardeners)

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Hi Everybuddy!!
Please send the Yellow-Pictures you want included in the LIVESTRONG Slide show as soon as possible!
Friday is the absolute LAST day for Chandra (of Life from a Cat’s Perspective) to receive the pictures!! 
Thank you all!!
The Email Address is livestrongpictures2011@gmail.com
Love Milo and Alfie xx

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Hi Efurrybuddy,

It’s been a grey and damp week here in Sidmouth. I’ve been outside for a breath of fresh air every single day, but have not lingered for photos because it keeps raining!  So since we are preparing for LiveStrong Day ~ I decided to dig up an old photo from LiveStrong 2010, of me in the garden!

And meowing of LiveStrong Day, we need a volunteer!

Would anyone be willing to put themselves forward to create a slideshow (like the one we had last year which was beautifully done by Chandra) of the yellow  images about to be created by YOU ALL for LiveStrong Day?

  • You would need to create it for use on BLOGGER
  • It would be time consuming to do, so you’d need enough time to create it just before October 2nd 2011
  • Photo images would be sent straight to you from many CB participants, so you’d have to be willing to provide an e-mail address for folks to use (although we wouldn’t need to put this online unless you were willing).
  • We would agree a deadline for receiving images so it wasn’t all too last minute!
  • You can view last year’s slideshow on our special LiveStrong Blog (see the TOP right sidebar of our blog for the link) to get inspiration!
  • There’s NO REWARD … other than that warm glow yoo get in your heart when yoo’ve done others a good turn!

If you have the time and skill and are  willing to help us, please let us know ASAP ~ then we can direct folk to start sending their photos to your e-mail address and the show will be on the road! You can e-mail us to let us know by using the email address on our LiveStrong Blog.


Make sure yoo pop over and visit my bestest friend  Jonesie and all the other feline gardeners (just scroll down on Jonesie’s blog and follow the links) if you haven’t already done so!

I hope to visit yoo all today, tomorrow or over the weekend!

Love Alfie Marshall  (age 3)
(proud VP of the Society of Feline Gardeners)

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Hi Efurrrybuddy!

Last year we initiated a LiveStrong event on the CB, paw in paw with Zoolatry, which snowballed from its very humble beginnings.  Many of you joined us by going yellow on your blogs to support LiveStrong Day on October 2nd 2010.

It was a wonderful day when virtually the whole of the CB went yellow ~ we felt very proud and can’t thank you ALL enough for joining in.

Well October 2nd 2011 is LiveStrong Day again ~ and we have joined forces with our special friends at Zoolatry again, to stage another CB event to show our continuing solidarity and support for ALL our dear friends who are still currently battling cancer (and the other 28 million cancer survivors, and their families, worldwide). We would also like to honour the humans and pets who have lost their lives to this horrible disease ~ including many of our beloved furry friends  from the CB.

Visit the LIVESTRONG official page here: http://livestrongday.livestrong.org/dashboard/

The image below is the wonderful new 2011 sidebar tag, designed and created by Ann at Zoolatry ~ it comes in 3 different sizes ~ find them on our LiveStrong Day blog: http://welivestrongtoday.blogspot.com/

Would  you like to join us and go YELLOW again? 

All you have to do to take part is:

  • Put a predominately YELLOW image on your blog and FB page (if you have one) on October 2nd 2011
  • Or turn the blog background YELLOW on that day
  • Or post about those members of your family, or friends, (human or furries) whom you wish to honour who  have lost their lives to cancer, or who are currently fighting the disease, or who are survivors (You may want to re-cycle last year’s post ~ or prepare a new one)
  • Or do any cancer related post
  • Or just post a fun pic of yourself playing with something YELLOW!

We hope you will all join us and Zoolatry in supporting LiveStrong Day 2011!

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Love Milo and Alfie xx

PS: In case you are wondering why we pasted in urls in this post, it’s because WordPress is being norty today and won’t let us use any links.

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