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Hi Efurrybuddy!

::3 paw taps::

Mom and I have some AMAZING pics to show off with yoo this week!

We have been using the MACRO lens in the garden and the results are below!

MACRO means yoo use a very strong magnifying lens and look really close!  These pics are our very first attempt at MACRO pics so some of them are not quite up to scratch.

Yoo can actually see the HAIRS on the HUMBLE BEE’s legs!!!!  Awesome!

Another Humble Bee:

And those specs are actual POLLEN on the Humble Bee ~  and LOOK at the amazing wings!

The rest are in a slideshow for ease of posting:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make sure yoo pop over and visit my bestest friend  Jonesie   and all the other feline gardeners (just scroll down on Jonesie’s blog and follow the links) if you haven’t already done so!

I hope to visit yoo all tomorrow or over the weekend!

Love Alfie Marshall  (age 2 but nearly 3!) (I LOVE Macro photography!)
(proud VP of the Society of Feline Gardeners)

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