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Hi Efurrybuddy,

Well,  Mom downloaded the photos that were taken on Sunday ~ and we were able to see ALL the FUN we missed owt on, when were abandoned becos they went to visit our cousin,  Gorguss Ginger Gizmo (Gorjusss Ginger Gizzy for short) and the noo baby bean, wiv owt us.  :sigh:

We saw GGG opening a present off us:

And we saw GGG being given a treat by OUR Dad:

And we saw GGG asking for more treats:

And we’re not sure …. BUT we think we saw Dad picking GGG‘s nose! Tee hee!

And we saw GGG sitting at the table,  bored of waiting for his luncheon to be served:

 But best of all … we saw GGG being uncooperative and REFUSING to say “CHEESE”. That ginger floof of a boy WOULDN’T open his eyes for love nor money nor treats, if there was a camera abowt! Hee hee! They tried to persuade him … but the boy said, “NO!”  (Hovva the mousie over GGG‘s mouth)

And they cajoled …

And they pleaded  …

 and they begged …

But that floofy ginger boy, was having none of it!  (We’re proud of him!!! Tee hee!)

And even the noo baby pumpkin bean, didn’t say cheese, ‘cos she was feelin’ a bit grisly and in need of her dummy!

So all we can say is … it’s a good job that Santa had already been! ‘Cos otherwise there might have be some empty stockings in that howse!!

Love Milo and Alfie xx

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