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Birthdays …

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Today is Harry’s mom’s birthday! We love Harry and his mom, so if you have time would you pop over to Harry’s blog and wish her a happy birthday? And while yoo’re there you can get a CUTE OVERLOAD seeing the floofacious adorable noo kittens in Harry’s fambly. BE WARNED ~ they are reelly CUTE!

Also ~ Mom’s noo grandbean was due to be borned on Sunday and may arrive today, or tomorrow. Mom is very excited and can’t wait to welcome the noo blurpy to the World. Please purr for a safe arrival. We’ll tell yoo the good noos as soon as we get it.


Apparently a Stork will bring her ~ so we’re hoping the Stork leeves us some fevvers to play wiv. Apparently, they’re big birds ~ abowt the size of that vishus mean-eyed pecky Heron we saw at the garden centre ~ so we hope it doesn’t hang around once the noo blurpy has been delivered ~ ‘cos it looks BIG and scary!

stork expected!

Love Milo and Alfie xx

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