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My gardening post is being interrupted for an impawtant noosflash

My most favourite ORINJ CUBE in the whole wide werld was ruthlessly thrown away by Dad yesterday. Apparently it had become DANJERUSS as the wires were sticking owt and Mom kept saying she was scairt I’d hurt myself.   I had my cube for ChrisMouse and it was the best toy in the werld ever, yes EVER!  I’ve got the sads, BIG TIME!  Here’s a pic of me in happier times wiv my most favourite ORINJ CUBE  ever:

Mom’s ordered me a noo one on the Internet from PURRS IN OUR HEARTS  (because we live in the UK ~ and these awesome guys support fundraising for Cat Rescue) and she paid for express delivery … but I love my ORINJ CUBE and I dunno how I’m gonna manage until my noo ORINJ CUBE arrives.  :sigh:

Message from Mom:

The cube had to go ~ it had received seriously heavy wear and tear and the wires were sticking out. They come in packs of two, so the Orinj one was the second one Alfie has destroyed since Christmas  BUT they were worth every penny since he has had so much fun with them.  If yoo haven’t bought your cat a cube yet,  do so ~ and they’ll love it!  Just be sure to throw them away when they are past the point of no repair!  The bad news is they didn’t have any ORINJ ones left ~ so I had to order a green and a yellow!  I’ll just have to hope Alfie isn’t too disappointed. 

Alfie:  back to my gardening post (even though I have the sads):

Well today I’m gonna show yoo some of the beautiful flowers blooming in our garden at the moment (whoops ~ I dunno how that pic of my most favouritist orinj cube in the whole werld got in amongst them!) ~ AND some awesome pics Mom took in Seaton (a small town near where we live) of some more clever creative planting.  This time it is WILD, FEROSHUS ANIMALS!   RHOAR!!!!!!  There is an ELEPHANT, a HIPPO, and a CAT!   There’s some pics of me in the garden too, so I fink yoo will enjoy them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An’ a still copy of the pic of my floofy ear tufts ~ I just sneaked that one in for yoor pleasure!

I put still pics of the creative planting for yoo too ~ so yoo can have a closer look:


Here’s a better pic of the HIPPO:


Don’t forget to go visit my bestest friend  Jonesie  and find owt wot she’s been doing in the garden this week, and all the other feline gardeners too!  (Just scroll down on Jonesie’s blog and follow the links).

Love  Alfie Marshall xx  (Proud Vice President of the Society of Feline Gardeners)

PS: Please purr for my noo ORINJ cube to arrive quickly ‘cos I dunno how I’m gonna manage wiv out it.

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