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Hi Efurrybuddy,

A brief announcement before my gardening post  ~ the noo blurpy has NOT arrived yet! We fink the Stork must have got lost or stopped off for some lunch enroute ~ we just hope he hasn’t eated the noo baby! Daughter-in-law-bean is desperate for the Stork to arrive ‘cos the Stork is now 4 days late! Please keep yoor paws crossed and keep purring for the Stork to arrive soon …


First of all, I wanted to tell yoo all the good noos ~ Jonesie has made me  ::drum roll::  the Vice Purresident of the noo  Society of Feline Gardeners! I am thrilled and excited to take on this impawtant role! Thank yoo so much Jonesie. We’re gonna have a reelly good time ~ garden parties and all that sort of thing!


Meanwhile, it’s been a quiet week in the garden ~ ‘cos Dad gotted the leaves up ~ and it’s been raining on and off ~ so there hasn’t been much to do. However, since Saturday is Halloween we’ve had the excitement of choosing a pumpkin to carve!  I sent my trusty assistant Milo owt to choose a pumpkin from the local pumpkin patch …..

He was a bit indecisive (yoo can’t get the staff these days) but eventually he choosed one for us to carve.  BUT when we started carving it  sumfin’  SPOOKTACULAR happened ~ see for yoorself (if yoo are brave enuff!) :


Love Alfie Marshall xx

PS:  Don’t forget to visit my mentor Jonesie  and the Casbah Kitties  to see wot they’ve all been up to in the garden today!

PPS: We may not be able to visit all our friends until Saturday ‘cos the other two grandbeans are visiting, and Mom hasta go to the hospital tomorrow for noo scans and xrays on her poorly leg to see if it’s any better.

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