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When I was helping dad read the noos-paper a few weeks ago I noticed that there was a special offer for readers

It said that if yoo collected the correct amount of coopons and sent them off ~ the nice people at the noos-paper would send you a “code” which would enable yoo to go online and create a FREE photobook.  All yoo had to do was pay the postage. So I woke Alfie up (he’s a proper snooze-kitten) and we discussed it:

 The upshot is, we decided to collaborate on a book as a present for the little grandbeans!  Dad bought the noos-paper every day and snipped owt the coopons for us and we sent them off and got the speshull “code”. Then mom helped us go online and create our book. We made a (11 x 8) Personalised Cover Book.  We got to choose the colour of the cover, the tenplates for the pages and the captions, and then we downloaded the pics on to the pages and arranged them. It was really easy!  skilled werk!

The front cover of our book:

This is a slideshow of our book:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We filled the book with photos of our furry family ~ we included ourselves, Gorjuss Ginger Gizzy, Leo and Lily, Amos (Milo’s biological sibling hoo lives wiv mom’s bruvver) and Spike the woofie (hoo also lives wiv mom’s bruvver). 

The quality of the book is pawsome (yoo hafta be sure to use high definition photos) ~ we’d thought it might be PANTS since it was FREE, but it isn’t!  And the good thing is ~ anyone can make one!  If yoo don’t have the coopons you can pay instead. We used SNAPFISH (UK) and was very pleased wiv the result but lots of different companies do these photo books.

We think the grandbeans are gonna love it!  We can’t wait to give it to them!

Milo xx  (joint author wiv Alfie)

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