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Hi Efurrybuddy!

This morning I was snoozing on the chair … in preparation for my party:

Meanwhile my beautiful girlfriend Dommy was writing me a birthday card:

Then she came over to deliver it in PURRson (along wiv kisses):

She was wearing a beautiful party frock:

♥ I am the luckiest ManCat efurr to have Dommy as my girlfriend ♥


Ann at Zoolatry also created a special birthday portrait of me ~ thanks Ann, I ♥  it !

Next I had a presents from mom and dad  (treats and crunchees and edible stuff):

And another present from my little brother Alfie (more of my favourite crunchees and edible treats):

Then Dommy helped my mom prepare party food in the kitchen, whilst Alfie and me played with the presents from Dommy (which are AWESOME):

Then YOU LOT arrived!!!


So let’s get this party started!

‘Cos it’s not every day a Tuxie is 4!!!!!  YAY!

Love Milo age 4 xxxx


We can hardly believe our little blue-eyed Tuxie boy Milo is 4 already. He has brought us so much joy since he adopted us. We love him (and his little brother Alfie) so much. Happy Birthday sweet boy.

Milo wants us to make a donation to Cats Protection UK for his birthday ~ so will do that for him today. Love the Mom and the Dad xxxx

Happy Birthday bruv! Yoo are the coolest bruv in the werld. Yoo showed me how to walk on the kitchen werk tops,  chase squirrels, watch bird TV, smack paw, and a hundred other things that are really cool. I think yoo rock Milo!  Love Alfie age 3 and quite a bit.  xxxx

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