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Hi Efurry one, Mom’s gorjuss little grandbeans are arriving today with Mom’s son and daughter-in-law, so Mom we may not have much time to help us visit yoo all. They are staying until Sunday  and we will be playing wiv them lots and having a fun time. Hopefully Mom will take lots of photos. It’s also the Folk Festival in Sidmouth this week and Mom and Dad hope to be out and about enjoying the event and taking our guests to see everything. Mom has a few days holiday booked so she can enjoy a staycation and make the most of it. So it looks like we will all be having a really fun time for a few days. In the meantime we thought we’s show yoo are dashing new costumes!

OK, we’ve got our dashing costumes ready (Thanks Zooolatry):

Milo~Porthos and Alfie~Aramis

And we’ve sorted out our Musketeer names:

Offurcial Portrait  Porthos


Offurcial Portrait  Aramis

 And Milo-Porthos Marshall has got his very own Madame Domino Coquenard (who is older but very beautiful) ready for secret assignations:

Madame Domino Coquenard

Now all we need is a household danger to protect our beans from, courtesy of D’Artagnan’s Honor:

Bring it on! We’re ready and waiting!

Have you joined yet?



If we gotted just 20 more votes today it would mean that there had been over 1000 in our category. That would make us very proud and would probably ensure the homeless cats and kittens get toys. Can yoo help us please?



so the Homeles cats can have some noo toys!

Below is a picture of one of the sweet little kitties that will get noo toys if you vote. Baby Patches’ Mom took the homeless kittens some duckies ‘cos they haven’t got much to call their own. THEY NEED TOYS NOW! Please help them by voting just this one last time!

kitty in need! 

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Milo-Porthos &  Alfie-Aramis (2 Musketeers)

We are very excited! We have been invited to become Musketeers by Lily A Locke’s cat at D’Artagnan’s Honor bloggie, D’Artagnan said:

Oi, Milo! Alfie! Wanna be musketeers?

Well we do ~ so we hot-pawed it over and registered by leaving our url in the Mr Linky and we’ve gotted the lovely meme badge to display in our sidebar (when Mom can work the tekknical bits out!):

Lily A Locke’s cat said:

About once a week, in addition to a new post, I’ll post a household danger that we muskeeters must protect our beans from. Then you fellow mancats and musketeers leave a comment or post on your blog on how you protect your beans from this danger.
If you want to participate, link your blog’s home address or leave a comment!
You do not have to be a mancat, a mancat-in-training, or even male to participate! Remember, there is once instance (that my girl knows of) in musketeer history when a woman snuck in to join the muskeeters. That woman turned out to be one of the best musketeers, so everyone is welcome!

We can’t wait and we urge all our friends to join in, then we can all be Mouseketeers  Musketeers together! We’ve decided to give ourselves Musketeer names for when we take part: Milo- Porthos  and Alfie-Aramis. What fun!

This is: D’Artagnan du Chat Noir, “All for one and one for all!” ~ we just so want a photo of us in that kit ~ where’s Zoolatry’s e-mail address?

D'Artagnan du Chat Noir, "All for one and one for all!"


Our cute friend Huffle Mawson gived us a lovely award  called “Your Blog is Satin” ~ Thanks Huff, we love it! It means Huff likes our bloggie!

The rules for this one are:

  1. List 5 details (things, people, features) that make your life “satin” (translates also as “shiny” or “good”).
  2. Pass on to 5 other bloggers that have not already won.

These are the 5 things that make our life satin:

  1. Fambly. We both think our fambly is very impawtant. We even love Leo and Lily even though they’re hogging our blog a bit wiv their cuteness. And we love Mom and Dad most in the whole world and we love each other too.
  2. Ham. We both love ham.
  3. Boxes ~ we love our Den, and any other box too.
  4. Sunshine. We love letting the sun warm our furs while we sleep.
  5. Our treat ball. Mom puts treats in it and we take it in turns to roll it round and get them out. It’s really good fun.

We’re going to pass this on to the first 5 who’d like to have a go (say in the comments iffin yoo want to do it!)





so the Homeless cats can have some noo toys!


PS: The photos of our noo cousins (Leo and Lily) will be posted tomorrow ‘cos Mom hasn’t had time to download them yet! (Tee hee!) She’s been too busy giving her two favourite cats in the whole World (us), lotsa fuss!

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